Our Top 10 Vegan Pantry Staples

Our Top 10 Vegan Pantry Staples

1) Nutritional Yeast

A deactivated yeast that has a significant source of some B-complex vitamins. It's sold as a food product and  is most popular to vegans as a cheese substitute due to its nutty, cheesy flavor. It also makes a GREAT topping for popcorn.

2) Grapeseed Oil or Coconut Oil/Spray

If your cooking with oil these are two great options, especially if your sauteing or stir-frying or if your in need of a everyday non-stick option.


3) Quinoa (pronounced as keen-wah)

Grown from an ancient grain plant but is actually a small seed that is packed with protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron; and amino acids like lysine. Can be used as a substitute for rice and goes great in salads.


4) Legumes

This includes beans, pea's, and also peanuts, Specifically, black beans, garbanzo beans, black eye pea's and lentils are a staple in every vegan pantry because they pack protein and are so versatile. They all can be used in salads, side dishes, burgers, etc, 

5) A Gluten Free Flour Blend

This is great to have on hand and can be purchased or you can make your own gluten free flour blend. It's great to have on hand if you enjoy baking, but can be used in any recipe that requires flour. 

6) Coconut Milk

Another favorite of mine because it's so versatile. It can be used in sauces, or to make a whipped topping and even as an ice cream base.



7) Nut's and Seed's

Such as walnuts, almonds, cashew's, and pistachios from the nut family; hemp, chia, and sunflower seeds are all very beneficial to the body. You can use almonds and cashew's for making your own non-dairy milk and also nut butter's. Seeds are great in smoothies, salads, or just for snacking.

8) Dates or Agave

A natural low glycemic sweetener 

9) Ener G Egg Replacer 

An egg substitute in powder form great for cooking baked goods.

10) Pink Himalayan Salt

A rock salt that's a wonderful alternative to table salt due to it's many trace minerals; it also contains less sodium and is less refined 


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